How to say no at work

If you are young (or not) at work it is sometimes difficult to say no to your boss or line manager. Unfortunately saying yes to everybody all the time will result in you having no time and feel like you have no life

It is important to find your own way to say no to people.

Click on this document and suggest some ways to say no to people to free your time. Look forward to reading and sharing the responses.

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How to be better organised


We all have different ways to organise ourselves in our daily lives. Whether at work or at home we all do a little something to make our lives a little easier.

Click on the document below and write in some suggestions. It is a google document so anyone can edit it at any time. Just don’t delete other peoples suggestions.

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What is the best way to declutter?

Clutter and general untidiness is quite clearly bad for the mind. If you are about to do some work at your desk and it is full of stuff then it is not the best start.There is all types of clutter, here are just a few

  • e-mail clutter (in box and deleted items)
  • kitchen drawer clutter
  • wardrobe clutter
  • desk clutter
  • internet addiction can clutter the mind.

This list is all about tips on how to avoid and deal with clutter. Can you recommend any tips, websites or techniques to help.

Just simply type and keep checking back to see what others have put.

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Daily Exercise Ideas

A few posts ago I asked people how they incorporated exercise into their daily lives.

The list is still open for people to contribute here. Please feel free to add your ideas.

Here are the suggestions so far.

  1. I’m not perfect about this, but sometimes I do planks during commercial breaks or tighten my abs or bum while I’m sitting down. BUT nothing beats going for a run with my husband.
  2. Always take the stairs. Even when you’re a little bit weary, just train your mind to ignore escalators.
  3. For exercise, I do one push-up, one sit-up and three leg lifts on each side for every tab I open on the computer.
  4. Think about how you can change your transport to work. Can you walk or bike? If you take the train or bus could you get off a stop short and walk the rest?
  5. Do a mile of something a day. With many phone apps these days it is very easy to measure a mile and if you were to run a mile day it would be the equivalent of about 14 marathons a year. Imagine that.
  6. If you can go for a walk at lunchtime. Time yourself for just 20 minutes and just walk. Others will probably be keen to join you.
  7. Form habits over a couple of weeks. Start small even if it just walking a minute a day and build it up. If you are too ambitious with your start you will not stick to it.

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Impressive Words

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Impressive Words

Do you have any favourite impressive words that you use in your everyday conversation? One of my favourite words is ‘enervate’ which I understand to be the opposite of motivate. I think I feel motivated and enervated and motivated in equal measures. I would love you to write  your impressive words below. They can be real or unreal but will hopefully be strong in meaning even if your can’t put your finger on it.

How can you incorporate exercise into my life on a daily basis??

Do you have to go to the gym to exercise? 

In our busy lives it is often difficult to find time to go to the gym or go for a run. Some of us manage to incorporate exercise into our daily routine. Often when I go to the supermarket I will park at the far extremities of the car park and force myself to walk further to the entrance. There must be many suggestions of how people ‘exercise’ without noticing.

Simply click on the link below and write down some of your suggestions. Hopefully the list will end up being really useful for everyone.
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